Khajuraho Temple Tour Packages in India from Spain

10 Places You Must Visit in India Khajuraho Temple

June 6, 2018

Love for architecture and spirituality pulls most people to visit Khajuraho, the land of Kamasutra. This World Heritage Site of India is a must visit place because of its beautiful temples where erotic sculptures are sculpted. It may not be a family destination but for art and architecture lovers. Already decided to pack your bag and come down to Khajuraho, India then check out our Khajuraho Temple Tour Packages in India from Spain to get best packages and best experiences.

Here are some must visit places in Khajuraho for you:-

1. Kandariya Mahadev Temple

It is the most refined and impressive temple that displays over 800 sculptures. Among them there are one marble Shiva Linga and many erotic sculptures to promote love and the art of sex.

2. Lakshmana Temple

This is one of the oldest and magnificent temples of Khajuraho dedicated to Lord Bishnu. It has intricate carved statues.

3. Matangeshwar Temple

This shrine has one eight-foot Shiva Lingam which is the highest in North India.

4. Adinath Temple

Here you can wander around and admire the medieval Indian architecture.

5. Javari Temple

It’s intricate and complicated design makes it one of the enticing tourist attraction in entire Khajuraho.

6. Panna National Park

Panna NP is a beautiful tiger reservation where you can suddenly come across wolf, leopard, hyena and other wild species. As only boat safari is available you can hire a jeep for wildlife safari.

7. Raneh Falls

There is a wildlife sanctuary of critically endangered animal species near this beautiful falls making it a perfect place for passionate nature explorers.

8. Ajaigarh Fort

Ajaigarh Fort offers a breathtaking view of Ken River and Panna NP if the sky is clear. I’s architecture tells stories of Chandela dynasty.

9. Beni Sagar Dam

After soothing your tired soul go for hiking in nearby offbeat trail and rowing around the dam here.

10. Jain Museum

This museum housed all things related Jain culture and Yakshis sculptures. Many tourists, historians and children come here for educational purposes.

Wish you a happy journey to the Indian destination which is a perfect combination of history,and culture, so make the most of your Khajuraho Temple Tour Packages in India from Spain. You won’t have any better option to explore Indian culture as much this wonderful
trip will offer you.